Ladies 8 Things every man want in bed with you


Ladies 8 Things every man want in bed with you…

  1. Be vocal. Men hate when a woman just lies there like a dead log to be bisected. Feed his ego with oooohs aaaahs yeeees, harder babie. BUT do not imitate porn e.g. ” fuck fuck me” its a turn off as he know you are imitating.

2. Touch yourself in those sensitive zones e.g. clitoris, labias, boobs to give us an idea where and how you wish to be touched.

3. Keep lights on and expose your body. Trust me men do not give a damn about looks when the passion is melting us they only notice your ugly points if you notice them.

4. Be creative and suprise him by making love in odd places e.g. coach, on a stool in a park.

5. Be wild in bed. Men love freaks in bed who will show their wild sides.pump it up, push it down and give it to him …

6. Pay attention to his sensitive zones, tip of his penis, his nipples etc…

7. Send cues of joy e.g maintain eye contact when he is facing you, lick your lips, stare his crotch, touch him all over many times, be all over him give him impression u r really enjoying

8. Hold him tight when he is cumming, push him so deep into you, do kegels or a kegel slam to milk his dick when he is ejaculating, talk dirty n “give me that cum, give it all to me” he will go crazy and shoot like a cannon

NB: Do not attempt to kiss him as to shut his mouth completely. When cumming a man breaths in and out heavily with his mouth,he might faint. Give them passion.