How to give your lady a powerful Orgasm this weekend!


How to give your lady a powerful Orgasm

WARNING: Unusual sexual technique employed here. Be cautious, these techniques may lead to sexual addiction.
The following steps require ultimate self-control for partners, cooperation and dedication to delivering pleasure.

• Begin by a thorough foreplay kissing and caressing do not rush to touch her breasts or her womanhood but work on her whole body.

• Kiss, lick, suck and caress her all around her thighs, lower body, and caress her breasts, hips, until she is weak and breathing heavily and her heart will be beating very fast.

• LADY: Caress your man until he has a very firm or firm erection.

• Be systematic avoid bumping into each other or throwing weight on your partner that may be awkward and painful and it turns off.

• MAN: Touch the tip of her clitoral hood with your condomised manhood and do rub on it up and down and sideways also in circular motions, pressing on it gently with the penis.

• Run your manhood all along her womanhood lips starting at her clit all the way to the lower side of her womanhood.

• Brush on it gently as you do so….run up and down until she is wet, and your manhood head is wet with her fluids…

• Then gently, slowly, push your manhood head inside her womanhood, just the head,…

• Hold your manhood with your hand, rotate it in circular motion inside her…this will drive her wild with passion…

• Withdraw….then insert it again until just your head and part of the shaft is inside…then…pump in and out for sometimes. Begin slowly and pick speed along the way.

• When your manhood is all but coated whitish with her fluids, just stop all your movements and allow it to salute inside make it very hard, as hard as it can get, lower yourself a bit so that it points upwards just under the pubic bone …thrust it all in gently but firmly…with as much discipline as you can muster..but gently DO NOT mess her passion.

• Hold it there as deep as you can momentarily till you are accustomed to the warmth inside then kiss and talk to her in whispers until you feel it going soft then start pumping and grinding inside her, varying speed, depth, tempo and angle,..all along squeezing her breasts, caressing, her wild.

• Then…do this…PAY attention…pull back a bit until its half way inside her…

• Use one hand to support yourself, and the other hand’s two fingers, the pointing middle finger to hold the lower side of your manhood..

• Point and push it upwards with as much as possible to reach her upper wall insid. The upper wall holds her G-spot.

• Use your fingers to support and thrust upwards, and continue pumping in this position for as long as you can manage. This will stimulate her G-spot. There is a spot which you miss of you go straight in this is the spot you must work on. Vary speed always start slowly, mantain constant pressure.

• When you feel that the pleasure is becoming too much stop pumping and pushing the dick, caress the opening of her pussy with your fingers to further stimulate her whilst you rest a bit.…resume the same procedure…

• If you do it correctly, you will feel her go crazy. If you feel her inside tightening around you this will be the beginning of G-spot orgasm….drill her deep…… Continue until she explodes all the built up sexual tension out of her body just thrust all the way in and hold on tight and feel her tightening and loosening around you.

WARNING: She may look exhausted but do not be considerate do it again and again!!

• Have fun. Do it passionately or don’t do it at all