Daughter films her boyfriend and mother bonking behind car


A man and his mother in law were caught on camera having sex while the rest of the family was inside the house having a prayer meeting.

The h0rny couple are believed to have been failed to control their privates and went outside for a quickie session. What irked most people is the fact that the church committee was conducting their monthly prayers at the house.

The daughter, Anna took the video. Anna said she couldn’t find her anywhere – until she went to the garage. Then she found the stark naked pair  in the garage, bonking each other’s brains out while hiding behind Anna’s car. The two never realised Anna’s presence and continued to do the deed. Anna did not disturb the love birds, instead she recorded them.

According to Anna, she and her boyfriend had been having issues and she did not even know he was at the prayer meeting. “I went outside to look for my mother and was shocked to see him with my mother unashamedly going at it. I just recorded and sent the video into the church whatsapp group”.

When Anna’s mother went back in the house, she found a furious committee watching the video in disgust. She asked for forgiveness but the church members could hear none of it. The matter will be discussed behind a church panel on Wednesday