5 Intimate Sex Positions That will Make You SCREAM – SEE Demos


Sudden, desperate quickies against the kitchen counter can be insanely hot, but the best s-e-x is rich and soulful. That kind of transcendent s-e-x where you feel completely connected to your partner. These positions harness the bonding powers of science, neurochemistry (seriously), and things that just straight-up feel good to bring you closer as couple. Go to all pages to see all Hot SEX POSITIONS…. with pictures….


loving spoonful

Even though doggy style seems raw and animalistic, when you turn it on its side—spooning-style—it magically turns sweet and loving. Snuggle up with her (you’re the big spoon) and gently thrust inside her from behind. The prolonged contact will leave you both so lust-laden that, after a while, every little stroke will feel amazing.

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